The Origin Of Rubies

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There were four sons of a king who was dead. The queen was passionately fond of the youngest of the princes. She gave him the best clothes, horses, food and furniture. The youngest prince had become very wilful. He never listened to anyone, not even to his mother, but he had his own way in everything. One day he went with his mother to bathe in the river. He saw the boat and got into it. He took his mother on the boat. Strong stream of a river took the boat and the boat went on and on till it reached the sea. They came near a whirlpool where the prince saw many huge rubies floating on the water. The prince caught some rubies and put them on a board. They landed at a large city, the capital of a great king. When the prince played with one of this ruby, the daughter of the king, who used to watch the games from a balcony of the palace, was astonished to see a red ball in the hand of the stranger and wanted to possess it...