The Valiant Women

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THEY FACED THE SCALPERS...THE DESERT...AND THE LOVE THEY ALL HAD FOR THE SAME MAN! PATRICK O'SHEA – with gold flame hair and eyes the color of a storm, a man as bold, as brave as any who tamed the wild land, but as gentle as the breeze that stirred the heather of his native Ireland. THE VALIANT WOMEN: SOCORRO – a Spanish madonna, who brought water to parched lips and balm to burned skin. But to Patrick O'Shea, she gave the reason to live. TJUNI – sullen, sensuous, the sole survivor of a peaceful band, who gave her rescuer a gratitude that ripened into passion. TALITHA – a child-woman. She loved her foster father with far more than filial devotion. A drama as deep as the desert canyons, as bursting with life as the desperate land that spawned it!


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