Deadly Brew A Dewberry Farm Mystery

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Two witches, one haunted house...and a dash of murder. Will Lucy find the killer in time? Or will she be Buttercup's next resident ghost?

It's Halloween in Buttercup, Texas, and reporter-turned-farmer Lucy Resnick is up to her ears in more than goats and wayward cows. Not only has her well dried up, but it turns out the old house Lucy recently moved to has a reputation for spooks...and they are disturbingly active. Then a tarot card reading at a local mead winery foretells death...and minutes later, exotic game ranch owner Bug Wharton goes belly-up. Cause of death? Murder, by a fatal dose of bee venom.

When the dimwitted sheriff fingers local witch and mead winery owner Serafine Alexandre, Lucy gets involved...and soon discovers that all kinds of things are brewing in Buttercup.

And some of them are deadly.


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