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  • Relationship 101- QA

    Relationship 101- Q&A

    04/03/2015 Duración: 02h01min

    Do you have a burning relationship, dating or sex question? Are you dating or in a relationship of commitment and just don't know what to do and need some tips? Do you find yourself asking a friend what you should do about your dating or married life? Are you struggling with getting back into the dating scene and need a refresher course on what is going on? Or do you need to liven up your sex life? If you said yes to any of those questions you must tune in this Wednesday, March 4th 12 noon pst. or 3 pm est. Join Leonard and I as we answer your questions LIVE on the air. We'll be giving away prizes to our guests who answer our trivia questions correctly. We'll also be joined by Holistic Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist & Educator, Melissa Fritchle. She's written a fantastic book entitled: "The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook". Melissa's going to help us answer questions live on the spot about anything and everything you ever wanted to know about sex.  You can't afford to miss this show. How many times will

  • Real Communication and Have it Your Way!

    Real Communication and Have it Your Way!

    25/02/2015 Duración: 01h58min

    This show promises to be action packed full of helpful information. If you are single, in a relationship or married, were going to follow up from last week's amazing and insightful show. Many of you wrote after the show and asked if the conversation could continue. So back by popular demand is a frank conversation of the “rules of engagement” in communication and relationships. Join us as we hear from a few special authors that have written books on the subject. Our exciting call in guests will be Mr. Locario, he's written the “Bad Boy's Guide to Dating”! He's going to stop by the studio and share his story and his truth with us on his concept based on his critically acclaimed book, "How to Date 2 Women a Day." Guys you don't want to miss hearing this brother. Ladies, you want to make sure to check him out to find out the game from the male perspective. We'll also have on Christina Lockett, whose story is truly compelling. She's written a book on "Love Lost My Story." She'll be on to tell us of her story of

  • SEX and the Rules of Engagement!

    SEX and the Rules of Engagement!

    18/02/2015 Duración: 02h00s

    Folks you don't want to miss this show. Join us for a real- and I mean REAL conversation this week about sex in marriages, sex out of marriage, sex as single person and anything and everything in between including self pleasure. We will also have a fabulous "anonymous" guest who in my mind is an authority on sex. He's a former NFL player who's going to stop by to share his personal story of having a stable full of throughbred jump offs and how he transitioned to a life of monogamy and the lessons he learned along the way. Women you want to hear his commentary about what we need to know and be about in our marriages and relationships. It might be time to TURN UP and STEP YOUR GAME UP! Fellas please check in and enlighten us with what you really feel about sex and relationships. Women don't think you care, but I know that you do. Listen live, each and every Wednesday at 3 pm. est, 2 pm cst, and 12 noon pst. Tune in, ask a question, share a story, tell your friends, but whatever you do- DON"T MISS THIS INFORMAT

  • Valentines Smalentines-A New Interpretation on Holiday Love!

    Valentines Smalentines-A New Interpretation on Holiday Love!

    11/02/2015 Duración: 01h52min

    This is our coming out party! This show will launch Life, Love, No Chaser on Blogtalk Radio. Join us as we talk about life, love and relationships without any fluff and absolutely no bull and no chaser! This is our first show and we promise to dig in deep with a rivieting, candid discussion about love and why people really trip out around Valentine's Day. Stay tuned as we will also give you some tips to help you figure out the right love situation for you no matter what that looks like. We're going to "turn up" with our guests, Pastor Patrick McGrew of Forth Worth, Texas. He's going to stop by and help us navigate our way around love, the Bible, and sin surrounding love and love relationships of all kinds. Our other featured guest will be a woman whose story is so juicy we can't even tell you in advance. You simply have to stop by, tune in and check us out. Please don't just listen. If the spirit moves you, call in to talk to us! Follow me on Twitter:  or for private help go t

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