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The Lin. Woods Gospel Entertainment Podcast features interviews with today's top recording artists and celebrities in family and faith based entertainment.


  • Episode 122: Dawkins and Dawkins_Come By Here

    03/09/2021 Duración: 21min

    Gospel super producers, singers, songwriters and recording artists, Dawkins & Dawkins share their backstory with Lin. Woods on growing up as PK’s, their Rhythm and Praise, the 10 year gap between releases, new single "Come By Here" and album Never Gets Old Vol. 2 on the Lin. Woods Gospel Entertainment Podcast. Listen. Follow. Comment. Download Free. Subscribe #Dawkinsanddawkins #gospel #podcast #LinWoodsGospelEntertainmentPodcast

  • Episode 121: Gary Hines & Sounds of Blackness-Its Time For Reparations

    27/08/2021 Duración: 21min

    Gary Hines, of Grammy Award winning Sounds of Blackness shares the group’s beginnings, just what are the Sounds of Blackness, social consciousness music, and the backstory on “Sick and Tired” and why it is “Time For Reparations." Listen. Follow. Download Free. Subscribe.Social Connects: Twitter @linwoods, @soundsofblackness;Facebook: Lin Woods, Sounds of Blackness; Instagram: @linwoods, @Soundsofblackness

  • Episode 120: Titus Showers - We Need You Lord!

    20/08/2021 Duración: 26min

    Stellar Award Nominee, Recording Artist and Entrepreneur Titus Showers shares his backstory with Lin. Woods on growing up in Hammond, LA as one of 10 children, gospel beginnings, giving back, what’s up with that Fedora hat, the challenges of a gospel recording career, Whistling, plus his hit  “We Need You” and WHO. Listen. Follow. Download FREE. Subscribe. #gospel #podcast #LInWoodsGospelEntertainmentPodcast #IAmTitusShowers. Social Connects: Twitter: @linwoods, @TheTitusShowers; Instagram: @IAmTitusShowers, @TitusShowersMerchPage; Facebook: Lin Woods; Titus Showers

  • Episode 119: David Wendell Boykins_Making The Movie Mama's Song_On Amazon Prime

    12/08/2021 Duración: 30min

    David Wendell Boykins, Hollywood Filmmaker, writer, director, producer, founder of Dave House Productions and passionate storyteller who creates films with messages that can change a life, talks with Lin. Woods about his 9th film, the drama, Mama’s Song, streaming on Amazon Prime. Plus, his backstory from Louisiana to DC, to struggling Hollywood actor, to reality show camera person, to producing, directing and writing his own movies. Listen. Follow. Download FREE. SUBSCRIBE. #DaveHouseProductions #LinWoodsGospelEntertainmentPodcast #blackmoviesSocial Connects: Twitter @linwoods; Facebook @Lin Woods, @davehouseproductions; Instagram @linwoods96, @davehouseproductions; LinkedIn Lin. Woods

  • Episode 118: Johnny Britt's Hollywood Journey-Peace Officer

    06/08/2021 Duración: 30min

    Hollywood Musical Director, Trumpet Player and recording artist shares his Hollywood Journey, from musician, to movie producer who’s worked on Hidden Figures, The temptations, The Little Richard Story, The Lion King, and his new single “Peace Officer” telling the police officer’s point of view. Listen. Follow. Download Free. Subscribe. Social Connects: Facebook @Lin Woods @johnnybritt;Twitter: @linwoods @johnnybritt; Instagram @linwooods96  @johnnybritt; LinkedIn Lin Woods

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