Mind Control How to Improve Your Memory and Tap into Your Subconsciousness (2 in 1)

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This title contains 2 books:

1: The ability for the brain to encode, store, and recall information is known as memory. Experience serves as a roadmap for future action.

Memory includes both consciously recalled facts and experienced details as well as deeply embedded knowledge that pops up without thought or even awareness. It serves as both a temporary information storage space and a more lasting record of what has been learned. Scientists have identified several different types of memory, including episodic, semantic, procedural, working, sensory, and prospective memory.

From the vivid memories of episodic memory to the practical knowledge of procedural memory, each type of memory has a specific purpose. However, there are similarities in the way memory functions generally, and certain parts of the brain, like the hippocampus, are crucial for different types of memory.

2: Your subconscious is a priceless potential repository of information, insight, and wisdom. But the majority of us never use that talent to its fullest.

Using hypnosis, you can access your subconscious. You can communicate with it immediately when under hypnosis. This can assist you in obtaining important knowledge and bringing about positive changes in your life.

Your subconscious is the area of your mind that generally escapes your awareness yet has a significant impact on how you live.

For instance, your subconscious has a role in controlling such essential bodily processes as breathing and heartbeat.

When you shake your head unconsciously, look away when lying, or suddenly get an inspiring thought "out of the blue," these are all signs that your subconscious is at work.

Additionally, you may not even be aware of the ideas and emotions stored in your subconscious, yet they can have a significant impact on your behavior and general well-being.


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  • 01 opening credits english

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  • 02 chapter 1 the essence and definition of memory

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  • 03 chapter 2 maintaining memories

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  • 04 chapter 3 false memories

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  • 05 chapter 4 the different kinds of memory

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  • 06 chapter 5 mental health

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  • 07 chapter 6 improving your memory

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  • 08 chapter 7 more exercises

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  • 09 closing credits english

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  • 01 opening credits

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  • 02 chapter 1 the subconscious mind and hypnosis

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  • 03 chapter 2 our conscious and unconscious minds engage in constant conflict

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  • 04 chapter 3 the internal language of our subconscious mind

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  • 05 chapter 4 existence of the unconscious is it true

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  • 06 chapter 5 dreams and our mental activity

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  • 07 chapter 6 what you can do to rewire your brain for excellence

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