The Tewkesbury Tomb Inspector Ravenscroft Detective Mysteries Book 4

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Inspector Ravenscroft and Constable Tom Crabb return in their most intriguing mystery to date. Perfect for fans of M.R.C. Kasasian, E.S. Thomson, Oscar De Muriel and Karen Charlton.

March 1889. Midnight. Six strangers meet for the first time outside the great door of Tewkesbury Abbey. They are searching for the tomb of the medieval crusader knight, Sir Roger de la Pole. What they find inside is unexpected and deeply shocking. They were seeking holy relics. But the body they uncover is barely cold. And Sir Roger’s ancient bones are missing. Detective Inspector Ravenscroft and Constable Tom Crabb are called on to solve the crime. They must decipher the strange coded letters on the outside of the Templar's tomb. Soon they will discover that the solution to both mysteries stretches back far into the past and that their origins lie in distant lands . . .