Karen's Initiation: A Shy, Innocent Sorority Freshman and Six Dirty-Minded Frat Boys

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Karen’s Initiation: A Shy, Innocent Sorority Freshman and Six Dirty-Minded Frat Boys: An ENF Story of Dominance and Humiliation

Greetings, dear listeners! Welcome to my newest and naughtiest series: “Innocent College Girls Humiliated”! In this sleazy set, one sweet, naïve young lady after another is taken to the outer limits of embarrassment by unscrupulous males, young and old alike. Men who happen to think that, ahem, red cheeks look kind of lovely on a girl--especially if they themselves have a hand in making them that way!

In this steamy tale, cute college freshman Karen Ames has no idea what she is getting into. Three women from the Psi Kappa Delta sorority have invited her to join their very prestigious little “club”… and now here she is, standing in the living room of their sorority house, about to be sworn in…

There is just one small matter to be taken care of first: the “initiation.”

The initiation process, Karen is told, will help to ensure that she has what it takes to be a Psi Kappa. For starters, she must be inspected from head to toe in order to ensure that her body is alluring enough to the men on campus. And that means she needs to get everything off.

This intimate inspection already has the sweet, young thing shaking like a misaligned front wheel. But that’s only part one. Karen is then shocked beyond comprehension when five seniors from the Triple-Delta fraternity are brought in to inspect her “more thoroughly.”

Poor little Karen is now jittery to the nth degree and humiliated out of her mind!

And it doesn’t end there. Next, as part of the initiation, she is required to give a fun and very naughty “gift” to each of the five handsome young men. Actually, “very naughty” doesn’t even come close--especially for this young, innocent, and “inexperienced” young woman.

And speaking of “inexperienced”…

All Psi Kappa’s, Karen learns, are required to be “experienced” – to already have lost their “innocence.” But, not to worry: One of the fraternity members will gladly help rid her of her innocence!

Or will he?

Might Karen’s brand-new suitor have other ideas up his sleeve?

Fans of ENF stories featuring sweet, submissive, innocent young ladies being taken to the limits of embarrassment, debasement, and outrage, this story is for you! Karen Ames is about to learn a whole lot of things in a single evening--and if you would like front-row seats to the event, just click the “Buy Now” button, and you’re in!