The Lacemaker

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A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Caroline Milburn and her younger sisters live in two cramped rooms, struggling to survive by their skills in lace making and weaving. When their previously unknown grandfather drowns on the Brig Minerva and bequeaths them a cottage in the country, their lives seem set to improve. But where will the daughters of a linen draper fit into rural life, now that they are better off? How will Caroline find husbands for her younger sisters? Why have purses of money been buried in the garden? And why are the neighbours so interested in them?

Charles Leatham was happy in the army, where all he had to do was to follow orders. With both his older brothers dead, he’s forced to return home and he knows where his duty lies - he must marry, and soon, to secure the inheritance. He doesn’t care who he marries, but why is his step-mother so keen to pair him with the ill-bred linen draper’s daughter? She’s a termagant and a shrew, but he always follows orders so he resigns himself to the inevitable. At least she’ll be grateful for the offer… won’t she?

This is a complete story with a HEA. Book 2 of a 6 book series.


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