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Welcome to your digital version of grabbing coffee with a good friend. In this show, Hilary Walker leads casual conversations with the guests of her blog on topics such as creative work, personal style, daily habits, girlboss-ness, momboss-ness and generally all the cool lady stuff we’re eager to learn from each other. Tune in bi-weekly for new episodes, including personal musings from Hilary on life as a freelance prop stylist in Dallas, TX. Visit ourstylestories.com for the photographic stories that accompany each episode.


  • How I Survive the Work Week

    06/02/2017 Duración: 20min

    For all of you wondering how I make things work behind-the-scenes of my blog and Instagram feed... this is it. The tell-(almost)-all of how David and I survive the work week as two very busy working professionals with a toddler and two dogs.   SHOW NOTES: The Basics - Daycare After school care Dog sitter Meals - Hello Fresh Casseroles or Dish-in-One meals Take out! Bonuses - Starbucks mobile order Outfit planning (thanks B. Jones Style!) Weekend staycations Expectations

  • Minimalism + Self-Discovery with Jamie Lyons

    19/01/2017 Duración: 22min

    If you were looking for a reason to tidy up in the new year, this. is. it... The stunningly edited home and wardrobe of Jamie Lyons. If you haven't seen her Style Story from last week, stop what you're doing. Right now. And go check it out! Seriously. I'm questioning all of my previously held beliefs about my proficiency to ward off clutter. In the wake of my visit with Jamie, I am clear on one thing... I am a total amateur. But today you'll get the full scoop from Jamie herself. In our conversation for the podcast, she and I dive deep into topics such as why she's chosen a minimalist lifestyle, how she achieves such a clean aesthetic, where she shops, and what she believes makes a successful fashion stylist and styling assistant.    Jamie describes her style as minimalist, mono-chromatic and elegant.       SHOW NOTES: Melanie Tarver's Style Story Seaminx Artist Management Agency Gaston Made Flea Style "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo Set & Co. Jamie's Instagram, @theanticolor  

  • Lessons + a Poem for 2017

    06/01/2017 Duración: 18min

    When I look back on 2016, a lot has happened. Much has baffled and disappointed me. But I've learned a lot and met some fantastic people along the way. Today's podcast is a review of this past year's Style Stories and the lessons that I learned from each.   #1 Prolific creativity is often the result of a youthful spirit.   from Kelly Christine Sutton Sidenote on Kelly... This past year, she and her husband took what I'm now going to call a "leap of youthfulness" and purged the majority of their belongings in order to downsize into a mobile tiny house. It's pretty cool and definitely in line with this first Style Story lesson. Get the full scoop HERE. Read Kelly's Style Story. Listen to Kelly's podcast episode.     #2 Powerful impact starts in our own backyard.    from Carly Burson Carly's company Tribe Alive, offers sustainable economic options for women in poverty in developing countries. Read Carly's Style Story. Listen to Carly's podcast episode.   #3 Do the work. Trust the path. The dots will connect even

  • Mentorship & the Freelance Life with Arianna Jones

    12/12/2016 Duración: 42min

    There was never a question that Arianna Jones would have a creative career. Artistry and entrepreneurship were in her bones and she knew from early on that she was meant to live a certain kind of artist's life. The question was more nuanced... How was she going to live that life. What would it look like, feel like... How would it come together, grow and operate on a daily basis. These aren't questions a person can necessarily answer on their own and, lucky for Ari, she didn't have to. Her journey has included some powerfully inspiring mentors along the way. In today's episode, I talk with Ari about just that - her creative journey from high school crafts to a college fashion degree and now freelance styling career and Owynn bag line. Additionally, Ari shares her reasoning for keeping a capsule wardrobe and a simplistic approach to fashion.   Show Notes: Owynn History of the "capsule wardrobe" What is a "capsule wardrobe"? (from my favorite capsule blogger) Madewell Lou & Grey Aritzia American Apparel @l

  • Vote with Your Style... A Holiday Gift Guide That Matters

    25/11/2016 Duración: 25min

    There are so many instances in which I feel like I don't have control. I mean... have you ever tried to reason with a toddler? Parenting at this stage (and who am I kidding, probably at any stage) is an exercise in learning to live without control. The world's problems are so great and the solutions can seem so very far out of reach. But I'm here today to say that while we may not be able to solve all the problems in all the places just by the swipe of a card, we do have a profound power to affect positive change simply by the ways and places in which we choose to spend our money. Yes. I'm talking about responsible consumerism and social enterprises. We have more power than we think! Political voting may have closed (for now), but the opportunity to affect change in our world is still here and it's so much easier than it may seem. All you have to do is buy something! Let's put our money where our values are this season and buy from businesses that are producing responsibly and give back generously.  Tune in

  • The Yin and Yang of Being a Working SAHM with Gina Bender

    11/11/2016 Duración: 26min

    Gina Bender describes herself as humble, creative and nurturing and her personal style as a mix of classic vintage, layers of color and mindfulness for minimalism. Today on the podcast, we talk about her work as a graphic designer - where she got started and how it has evolved into the work she does today - as well as the yin and yang, give and take, ebb and flow of being a working SAHM. I have tremendous respect for all of Gina's hard work as a mother and designer! Additionally, Gina shares a few tips for successful garage sale shopping and purifying the air in your home.     Show Notes: NEW Our Style Stories RESOURCE FORUM Jayme and Allie's Style Story UNT Communication Design Program Joan Miro art Built By Bender, Milan's business with his 3 brothers Built By Bender logo Devendra Banhart music Sai Baba incense Palo Santo sticks Heylee Heep's Style Story Himalayan salt lamp Find Gina's work on Instagram and hire her for all your stellar branding needs!   ~ SHARE YOUR QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK HERE ~

  • What Is Personal Style, Anyways?

    24/10/2016 Duración: 27min

    Today's episode is courtesy of years worth of pondering on the subject of personal style. What it represents... how it's developed... where it comes from... how it manifests itself. Indulge me as I take a brief dive into these thoughts and more in today's podcast show. Additionally, get the scoop on two books I HIGHLY recommend for personal growth and personal style development. Plus, a few quotes to get your week going!   "...It is a compass for creating a life that reflects what's true to you in every way. From your wisdom to your wardrobe, from your longings to your living room - [it] is where your essence meets your expression."  Quote from Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte   Show Notes: Style Statement Danielle LaPorte The Fire Starter Sessions The Desire Map Design*Sponge at Home In the Company of Women Mary Going of Saint Harridan Ira Glass on Storytelling   "You have to be willing to be bad at it in order to be good at it." - Mary Going

  • A Week in the Life of a Prop Stylist

    08/10/2016 Duración: 15min

    Miracle of miracles... I'm back with another podcast episode and it didn't take me three months! Trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are.  Today, I'm sharing a glimpse into what a week of my work life as a prop stylist looks like. My schedule, my work load, the idiosyncrasies of this very unusual job. It's all there plus a bit more. I hope you enjoy!   And if you're an aspiring stylist and want to know more about breaking into this behind the scenes industry, drop me a line! The link to my voicemail box is below.   Show Notes: "My Favorite Places to Shop for Props" blog post Send me your feedback... Leave me a voicemail!

  • What Is Too Much & Other 50th Episode Musings

    01/10/2016 Duración: 17min

    You may have thought I left podcasting (I wouldn't blame you... it's been forever), but NOPE! I'm still at it. In fact, this is officially my 50th episode, if you can believe it! Who knew? (I nearly missed it myself.) Turns out, I've been at this whole podcasting thing for quite some time but when you publish as irregularly as I do, 50 episodes takes ya a while. But no matter. I'm not letting that get in my way of creative expression and experimentation!  Speaking of which, today's show is a bit unusual for Our Style Stories. It's just me (no Style Story guest) riffing on a topic that has been nagging me for the past few months. Aspiration versus contentment. What is too much of one and not enough of the other? And how do I manage the pitfalls of comparison and the vicious perfectionist's cycle that can be Pinterest and Instagram? I discuss all that plus more. Don't worry, I won't be preaching from my soapbox every episode! ;-)    Show Notes: My styling portfolio Magnolia Home Real Talk with Real Moms... On

  • Layered Homes & Self-Confidence with Kris Drayovitch

    06/06/2016 Duración: 36min

    Last week's Style Story visit into the home of home Kris Drayovitch was all about rich layers, worldly textiles and inviting details. In today's podcast, you'll hear from the equally beautiful Kris herself. Besides sharing her personal tips on for shopping second-hand furniture and decorating a home that is welcoming and layered, Kris opens an honest and graceful conversation about her interior struggle with perfectionism and self-confidence... two things I'm sure many of us can relate to! If you connected with Kris' traditional Southern meets travelled global style, this episode will definitely interest you as it is a lovely journey into the thought process and care that went into her home.   Hope you enjoy!

  • Collaboration + Creative Process with Jayme Ditto and Allie Hill

    05/05/2016 Duración: 54min

    Jayme and Allie are co-owners of Yeti and the Beast and housemates in the coolest arts and crafts home (did you see their Style Story?). They blew me away with their insights when we sat down to record today's podcast. To summarize, we touched on business partnerships and how to make the most of them, honesty and flexibility in regards to your work, the creative process, #anthrowindows, stress as a type of creative rut (and how to work your way out of it), inspiration and why you shouldn't be looking to fellow creatives in your industry, "kid temp" and oh so much more!    Here are a few quotes from our chat: On style... Jayme, "I don't feel the same everyday so I don't dress the same and I don't style the same everyday." Allie, "I'm not a 'set' person. I don't think I have two things that match!"   On creative work... Allie, "Coming from design school, we've learned not to fall in love with our own work... It's better to be flexible and open to suggestions." Jayme, "There's always a chance for things to be ma

  • Style Questions... No. 2

    22/01/2016 Duración: 18min

    Ok, who's ready for a little style Q & A? Today, I published the second episode of my new Style Questions series. In it, I'm riffing on a few design questions that some of you submitted (don't forget, you can send me questions too using the prompt on the right side of this page). Hopefully I've presented some creative solutions to your design dilemmas.   SHOW NOTES   Question #1: from Mary Evelyn - How do you keep a home looking fresh and stylish without investing in large purchases or home projects? REFERENCE - Plant Baskets - HomeGoods Curtains - Target, World Market, Urban Outfitters  Wall Decals - Walls Need Love   Question #2: from Lacey - Rugs! Any tips here, I always struggle with shape, color, size, etc. REFERENCE - Large Rug Examples - 1, 2, 3 Small Rug Examples - 1, 2, 3, 4   Question #3: from Anastasia - What do you recommend in terms of arranging multiple smaller area rugs in one given space? REFERENCE - Layered Rug Examples - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6    

  • Fashion and Philanthropy with Carly Burson

    23/12/2015 Duración: 28min

    Today's conversation comes as a perfect follow-up to my Conscious Gifting Guide from last week. It's becoming a well-known fact that "fast fashion" has a tragically negative affect on the people that are employed to produce the items. Carly is tackling this problem head on with her fashion company Tribe Alive by adopting a socially responsible business model. In her opinion, doing business in such a manner is nothing extraordinary, or at least she feels it shouldn't be. Rather, it's just the right thing to do.  In the course of our conversation, Carly and I discussed everything from her morning routine to her style icons and creative influences and her journey from visual designer at J. Crew to becoming the founder of a company that's, if not extraordinary, truly inspiring and significant! 

  • Style Questions... No. 1

    09/11/2015 Duración: 16min

    Today's post has been a looong time coming. Since it's inception, the podcast has always played second fiddle to the blog for a variety of reasons but primarily because audio is not my area of expertise. But now that I've established a fairly solid rhythm on the blog, I'm finally ready to step up my game on the podcast. And today is the day! As part of my improvement of the podcast, I asked for your style questions and today I'm answering the first few of them. Below, you'll find the four questions I answered in the show and the links I referenced in response to each question. As an added bonus, you can find me on the Style Matters podcast today. Karen June and Zandra interviewed for what is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows all about style.   Question #1: Do my shoes and purse have to match? My shoes and belt too? REFERENCE - My Pinterest board on "Fashion".   Question #2: How do you make nursery decor grown-up-friendly for a master bedroom/nursery combo? REFERENCE - Reading My Tea Leaves Mother Mag

  • Colorful Spontaneity with Kelly Christine Sutton

    01/10/2015 Duración: 35min

    Kelly Christine Sutton is a photographer, film-maker, plant whisperer and rainbow decorator. In her words, her style is colorful and spontaneous. If you've seen her Style Story, I'm sure you're dying to hear the rest of her story! Today we're chatting about her creative impulses and stylish preferences. I've changed up my usual questions for some new, more style focused inquiries. You'll learn about Kelly's personal style from all angles... fashion, home, morning rituals, creative career, travel, music, dining and more! Podcast reference links: VeeCaravan (& Christine's Style Story!) Kelly Christine Photo Kelly Christine Films First Monday Canton Karen Musgraves El Come Cane Rosso Brett Dennen   Kelly sells prints of her photographs online and we've arranged A SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for Our Style Stories' readers - your choice of an 8 x 12 print from Kelly's collection!! Her photos are so wonderfully interesting and colorful. To enter, hop over to our Instagram accounts HERE and HERE where you'll find entry

  • Handmade Goods and Family Business with Brooke Fish

    10/09/2015 Duración: 43min

    Brooke Fish, the co-founder and crafter behind the baby product company Fresh Bib, takes me through her journey from fashion student to corporate employee, stay-at-home mother and finally product designer and entrepreneur. She shares some of the struggles and lessons that she and her husband Adam have learned along the way as well as her favorite four letter word and how to make a lot out of a little by shopping second hand. As a special gift for all Our Style Stories listeners, Brooke is offering a giveaway for one month's subscription to their monthly Fresh Box, which will be curated for September in a vintage theme by Brooke herself! Visit OurStyleStories.com/freshbibgiveaway for details on how to enter.   Take away quote: "You have to be careful not to compare your insides with everybody else's outsides."    Podcast reference links: Todd Oldham Todd Oldham for Target Kid Made Modern Fossil Tandy Leather Pure and Noble Bloesem Blogs Fresh Bib Foot Cardigan Melanie and Dalton's podcast interview Colleen

  • Art + Motherhood + a Simplified Wardrobe with Jane Cheek

    01/08/2015 Duración: 25min

    Jane Cheek is a mother of many talents. She is an artist and teacher by trade, a mother to three (now) and a crafty home decorator to boot. You saw her lively home in last week's Style Story, right? In today's podcast episode, I sit down with Jane in her Dallas studio and discuss just she how manages it all... family, kiddos, studio time and homemaking. To my surprise, Jane has gone to some unusual ends to simplify parts of her life. At the end of our conversation, she describes a new approach to simplifing her morning routine by eliminating all color from her wardrobe. Yes, I know... sounds crazy! But I think she might be onto something. (And you know that means a lot, coming from me.)  Podcast reference links: Batik Resist painting technique   Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things and you can help it grow more! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review.

  • Melanie and Dalton Tarver: A Guide to Cool Hobbies

    19/06/2015 Duración: 48min

    At long last, Melanie and Dalton get their turn on the podcast. If you saw their Style Story, then you know that in addition to their day jobs as commercial photographer and still life stylist, they enjoy a delightful variety of hobbies. Vegetable gardening, beer home brewing, group running and bath salt mixing. It's all on the table, my friends. This is officially your Summer guide to having a cool hobby, courtesy of the Tarvers.   Listen below or on your smart phone in iTunes to hear our conversation.   Podcast reference links: J. Hilburn Neiman Marcus Fossil Allison Vieger Laura Busby's Style Story IA Agency DoTerra essential oils Silicon Valley Brew Dogs Brew Masters A Cup of Jo Thrasher Magazine Xeriscaping     Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things and you can help it grow more! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review.

  • Editing Your Style and Launching a Design Business with Heylee Heep

    26/01/2015 Duración: 28min

    Earlier last week, I shared Heylee Heep's Style Story on the blog and today - after traveling to Salt Lake City and back for the Alt Summit conference - I'm back with a her podcast interview. Get ready for some serious design savvy. Heylee is a master of editing and in today's episode she's going to share a few pro tips on how to edit your own space and wardrobe plus reasons why you should consider working with a neutral color palette and what it was like to launch her styling business.    Podcast reference links: White Elephant Antiques Lula B's Give and Take Oil and Cotton Design*Sponge Remodelista 'Illustrator' on Nicole's Classes Furbish Studio High Street Market Zara J. Crew Madewell   Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things but you can help it grow! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review. 

  • Young Love and Business Ventures with Robbie and Adam Werner

    08/12/2014 Duración: 38min

    Not long ago, I shared a peek inside the home of Robbie and Adam's inviting family home but now it's time to dig a little deeper into the story behind all those cool art pieces and charming decor. Robbie is a baker and owner of Stir Crazy Baked Goods and her husband Adam is an art educator and visual artist. Along with their children Amaris, Paige, and Asher they've followed an adventurous and creatively motivated life together. In today's podcast, Robbie and Adam share some of those highlights. For instance, how they got through the early and quite challenging years of school, marriage, and first-time parenthood. As well as the process behind opening the bakery and forging a new career path.   Podcast reference links: Stir Crazy Baked Goods Fort Worth South "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers Author and illustrator Peter Reynolds "Little Owl Lost" by Chris Haughton

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