The One Hour Plan For Growth How a Single Sheet of Paper Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Planning is the most reliable predictor of whether a business will grow. Yet, most planning books and most planning processes are not accessible or usable for the small to medium-sized business owners.  The One Hour Plan For Growth provides a proven system for any business to create a clear and compelling business growth plan that fits on one page in one hour.  This book is a quick read and easy to comprehend. The result is a plan that fits on a page and is used to keep people focused and productive.  There are six essential elements of the dynamic business growth plan: Vision Mission Values Objectives Strategies Priorities There are 15 million businesses in the United States, and 13 million of them dont utilize a planning process, thus inhibiting their chance to grow. The book delivers a proven planning process that engages employees, develops leadership capacity, improves performance and accelerates growth.