Peak to Peak A Romantic Comedy with Altitude

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By Readers' Favorite Award Winning Author, Barbara Oliverio. Barbara's "Love on the Lido Deck" was made into the popular Hallmark Channel Movie "Love at Sea".

Having lost her parents as a baby, Romie Costas was raised in an exclusive convent boarding school high above a charming ski village in Colorado and now runs a quirky gift shop in town. Her life is uncomplicated until a global conglomerate who claims the mountain threatens to close down the school and evict the nuns that run it. It's up to Romie to determine a way to protect her childhood home, and she recruits a sophisticated alum who is a high-powered attorney, an elderly British globe-trotting couple, and even her vivacious childhood best friend in her quest. Along the way she meets Crosby McArthur, a charmer with striking jade eyes and a mysterious reason for popping up in the village. 

Can Romie and her crew send the corporation back down the slopes? And can Crosby avoid the moguls and secure a lifetime pass to Romie's heart?


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