Dreamland Fruits and Veggies

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A long time ago, when everything was still perfect…

Adam and Eve lived harmoniously with the fruits and vegetables in the Garden of Eden. Until one day, a serpent tempted them to eat the forbidden fruit, which made God angry. As a punishment for their sin, they were banished from the magnificent garden. And they brought along some seeds of the fruits and vegetables from God’s paradise.

That’s when all the adventures began.

In 1937, Christel Decker Bresko was born in Germany. She’s the eldest among three children. Her father served in the German Army until 1945, the year he became a prisoner of war after being captured in Moscow, Russia. Her mother took care of the family as they experience sickness, hunger, and growing pains.

Christel came to England in 1957. She studied the English language by herself while working as a nursemaid for an old lady with MS. After a year, she enrolled in a nursing program and received her degree in 1962.

After everything she’s been through, her passion to see the world never ceased. And that’s one of the reasons why she came to the USA in 1968. When she found a home in the states, she created her own family with her husband, Bill.