She is His Witness

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Can you get your PhD in the ZOO?

Salinger Jacobs treats others as he is treated. Screw him over, and he might hold stuff back. You have his back? He will have yours.

When a fellow scientist is screwed over by her company, she seeks out his fledgling Mercenary company to see if they can use another smart mind. Since he obviously didn't want her body.

With opportunities coming at him and his partner Madigan faster than they can handle, another mind might be just what Heavy Metal needs. But will it come with too many complications?

In the ZOO you always expect the unexpected. Will this be true for relationships? Can he trust his partner with his secret?

Salinger Jacobs is working to build his company as fast as possible. Will he make a few mistakes he can't think his way out of?

Sometimes, it isn't what you know from reading books that helps you succeed.


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