Strange Times: Richard III in the 21st Century Book 3

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"The Cat, the Rat and Lovel our Dog "Doe rule all England under a Hog"—William Colyngbourne The rat, Richard Ratcliffe died, and the cat, William Catesby was executed after Richard III, a hog lost his battle against Henry Tudor at Redemore in 1485. Francis Lovell, our dog, survived. Two years later, Lovell led the rebels at the Battle of Stoke Field, which they lost to King Henry VII. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."—Murphy’s Law While many of the rebels were killed in battle, or executed after, Lovell’s fate is unknown. Richard is haunted by the possibility Lovell starved to death after being trapped in an underground vault. Richard uses the time machine to go to the vault. Then everything goes wrong.


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