A Secondhand Life

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From USA TODAY bestselling author Pamela Crane comes a dark thriller about the monsters that hide in plain sight.

"Fans of Karin Slaughter, BA Paris, and Lisa Gardner will relish the knife-sharp prose, empowering characters, and mind-blowing twist ending of A Secondhand Life. Crane's writing is chilling in that can't-get-enough way." - Goodreads reader review

A string of murdered girls. An innocent man behind bars. A serial killer still on the hunt.

In a freak collision when she was twelve, Mia Germaine faced death along with the loss of her father. A heart transplant from a young murder victim saved Mia's life, but not without a price. Twenty years later, the scar on her chest still bothers her, while haunting nightmares about an unresolved homicide begin to plague her. Compelled by these lost memories, she forms a complicated connection to the victim—a girl killed the same night as Mia’s car accident—due to a scientific phenomenon called “organ memory.”


Now suffocating beneath the weight of avenging a dead girl and catching a serial killer on the loose dubbed the "Triangle Terror," Mia must dodge her own demons while unimaginable truths torment her—along with a killer set on making her his next victim.

As Mia tries to determine if her dreams are clues or disturbing phantasms, she's led further into danger's path, costing her the one person who can save her from herself.


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